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Embark on our inspiring journeys through the untouched rainforest of Colombia’s Amazon region and the great river Amazonas.

Moreover, discover the rich biodiversity, vibrant cultures, and breathtaking landscapes in the three border side of the Amazon river.

Lastly, unleash your spirit of adventure and join us today.


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Explore the Amazon Region with Hipilandia’s authentic adventure travel experiences. Our all-in-one packages include accommodation, transport, meals and eco-friendly activities for adventurous travelers. Join us for a multicultural experience in a unique part of our planet where three countries meet.

Our group tours are small, with 6-8 people, allowing for new friendships and immersive experiences in the Amazon. Expert local guides make travel easy and add unique richness to your journey.

Since 2005, Hipilandia has become one of the top adventure travel companies in Leticias. We offer various tours around the Amazon region, including group tours, trekking holidays, cycling trips, solo holidays, and unforgettable family tours.


Since launching in 2005, Hipilandia has grown to become one of the Leticias’s best adventure travel companies, offering over 5 tours in around the Amazon region. So whether you’re looking for classic ‘Discovery’ group tours, incredible scenery on trekking holidays, cycling trips or solo holidays, or an unforgettable family tour, let us find the perfect adventure holiday for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out most common asked questions when planing your eco friendly trip to the great Amazonas

Our most highlighted all inclusive tours are available for booking all throughout the year and prices are standard rates for private and shared adventures.

Each tour has different requirements, depending on the weather conditions and the personalized service requested by each traveler. 

Vaccination against yellow fever is suggested, but not mandatory.

No visa is required for any tour with Hipilandia.

Accommodation options will vary depending on each destination. Most common options are jungle lodges, private shacks, campsite in the jungle for most adventurous. Hotel can be provided under request.

To get to Leticia you have 4 options:

  1. Via airplane from Bogota.
  2. Via airplane to Tabatinga (Brazil). This town is located right next to Leticia, You will only need a taxi to get to Leticia. It’s important to make your migration process if you plan to leave the Amazon region departing to Colombia or Perú.
  3. Via fast/slow ferri from Iquitos (Perú). Both options will get you to Santa Rosa Island in front of Leticia.
  4. Via fast/slow ferri from Manaus (Brazail). Both optiosn will get you to Tabatinga, right next to Leticia. 

During jungle treks we provide rubber boots to protect travelers from any accident with snakes or spiders that may run into. 

We also provide all camping equipment with highest quality stardards to ensure travelers safety during their sleep in the jungle.

For safe hydration, we provide purifying drops  or pills during the whole tour.

Once a tour is confirmed, the traveler will receive a contract with all the cacellation, rebooking and refound policies. These policies may very depending on each tour.

We highly suggest to read carefully the description and details of the tour prior the starting date, since we make different recommedations of what to bring for each adventure.

For payments we only accept colombian pesos in cash. It is important to have in mind that credit cards are accepted, with 5% fee.

ATM’s in Leticia have very high fees, so we suggest you get all the cash you can in advance before arriving in Leticia.

We provide travel insurance service included in our rates. In case of illness during the trip, medical assistance will be granted in nearest hospital or emergency unit.

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