Amazonas Express

3 days and 2 nights adventure sailIng by the Amazonas River


Being eco friendly to our environment will promote a better world for all of us! 

With your support we will become a more sustainable destination.


The Amazon Express is a three day, two night adventure on the Amazon River, visiting small indigenous villages. Discover Puerto Nariño and the
lakes of Tarapoto as the final destination of this unique journey.

The Amazon Express is a complete experience, allowing visitors to explore the vast world of nature, sailing from Leticia on the Amazon River. You will have the opportunity to hike through the jungle, learn about different indigenous cultures and get to know the most biodiverse region in the world. The Ticuna, Yagua and Cocama families will be your hosts during this tour that will provide you with the most interesting local stories and knowledge about the Amazon region.


DAY 1:

Departure from Leticia at 8 am

Navigation on the Amazon River

Bird and dolphin watching

Stop at the indigenous community

traditional lunch

jungle trek

traditional dinner

Night walk with fauna observation

Visitors have the choice between spending the first night in a jungle camp, an indigenous family home, or a night in a Nature Reserve cabin.

DAY 2:


Amazon sunrise observation

Sighting of monkeys and other animals at dawn.

traditional lunch

Navigating the Amazon River to Puerto Nariño

Arrival in Puerto Nariño at 4-5 pm

Watching the sunset in the lakes of Tarapoto

traditional dinner

Visitors have the possibility to choose between spending the second night in a cabin in front of the Tarapoto Lakes or spending the night in a hotel in Puerto Nariño.

DAY 3:


Visit of Puerto Nariño Ascent to the viewpoint

Traditional lunch Navigation on the Amazon River to Leticia

Arrival in Leticia at 5-6 pm


Precio total:

  • $580 USD per person for 1 visitor
  • $350 USD per person for 2-3 visitors
  • $300 USD per person for 4-6 visitors


  • Two hotel nights in Leticia (the night before and the night after the tour)
  • Transfer service from the airport to the hotel
  • River transport
  • camping equipment
  • Feeding
  • Hydration
  • Activities with local guides
  • Health insurance
  • Jungle equipment (hammock, mosquito net, boots).

Equipment to take with you:


A towel

Mountain boots

Long pants


Sandals to be in the camps

a rain jacket

A sweater (at night in the jungle it can be cold)



socks and underwear

Insect repellent



personal toiletries

Neutral soap

Toilet paper

Plastic bag to separate dry from wet clothes

If you take medication, do not forget to bring it with you

Identification document

Yellow fever vaccination card

Note: You will receive rubber boots for the jungle tour. Bring only what is necessary for the tour to avoid carrying a heavy backpack.

This project is based on 4 pillars that explicitly promise a radical change towards real tourism sustainability.

1. Wild species are visited only in their natural environment, not exposing them to direct contact with humans to avoid vulnerability and disrespect through the abuse of technology and the ‘animal selfie’.

2. The local guides or ‘baquianos’ are mostly former hunters who have decided to drop their shotgun to load a camera and become image hunters in the jungle, thus promoting respect for the natural environment visited by tourists .

3. Visits to indigenous settlements are carried out respecting a tolerable carrying capacity that does not alter the way of life of these small communities. Visitors learn how people live in the Amazon today by doing the same activities accompanied by local guides and avoiding the cultural exploitation of the region.

4. Regional gastronomy is the main source of economic income for the peasants and indigenous people of the Amazon. To achieve tourism sustainability, it is necessary to promote regional products in the menu offered to tourists who come to visit a place full of biodiversity, where we can find hundreds of species and fruits that allow us to provide an authentic experience in this aspect, reducing the environmental impact of each visit and the opening of new gastronomic fusion markets for responsible eco visitors in search of vegan, vegetarian and regional options.

At the request of visitors, it is possible to spend the night in cabins or camp in the jungle.

The food menu may vary according to the season and the preferences of the visitors.

The guide service is provided by local guides from the region.



Physical Level: Moderate

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