Javari Exploration

3 days - 2 nights


Remember, you can make any reservation by paying 10% of the total price.

  • Insurance policy
  • River transport
  • Guide service
  • Hydration, snacks, food
  • Activities
  • Jungle equipment (boots, flashlights, rain poncho)
  • Biosecurity according to the ministry of health.

First day:

  • Tour of the Amazon River
  • Visit Victoria Regia natural reserve (Ecological walk, lotus flower observation and exposure of medicinal plants)
  • Santa Rosa Island; Typical Peruvian lunch (Buffet type)
  • Navigation along the Amazon River until reaching the mouth of the Lago natural reserve Piranha
  • Hike in secondary jungle 2 hours, exhibition of emblematic trees medicinal and timber (Renaco, walking tree, cinnamon tree, Chuchuwasa, Remo Caspi, Capinuri etc)
  • Accommodation floating cabin, sunset appreciation
  • Dinner Night safari around Piranha Lake in canoes and rowing, possible sighting of alligators, and other nocturnal animals in their natural habitat

Second day:

    • Departure 5 am
    • Sunrise appreciation, bird watching
    • Typical artisanal fishing (Piranha)
    • Breakfast
    • Walk to the banks of the Amazon River Navigation through the Amazon River until reaching the Natural Reserve
    • Lunch
    • Walk in the jungle approximately 4 hours, possible sighting of species (this tour is between 4 pm and 8 pm) includes night walk
    • Dinner

Third day:

      • Appreciation of the sunrise in the Amazon River 5 am, possible dolphin sighting pink and gray
      • Bird watching (macaws, toucans, herons, kingfisher, etc)
      • Breakfast
      • Tour through the Gamboa ravine, flooded jungle to the Zacambu lakes, possible sighting of sloths, monkeys, eagles, snakes among others)
      • Lunch
      • Return to Leticia 4 pm

This project is based on 4 pillars that explicitly promise a radical change towards a real tourist sustainability.

1. Wild species are visited only in their natural environment, not exposing them to direct contact with humans to avoid the vulnerability and disrespect through the abuse of technology and ‘animal selfie’.

2. The local guides or ‘baquianos’ are mainly former hunters and former hunters who have decided to release their shotgun to tie a photographic camera and become image hunters in the jungle, promoting thus the respect to the natural environment visited by the tourists.

3. Visits to the indigenous settlements are carried out respecting a tolerable loading capacity and that does not alter the form of life of these small communities. Visitors learn how they live today in Amazonas by carrying out the same activities accompanied by local guides and avoiding cultural exploitation in the region.

4. Regional gastronomy is the main source of economic income for peasants and indigenous people in the Amazon. To achieve touristic sustainability, it is necessary to promote regional products only in the menu offered to tourists who come to visit a place full of biodiversity, where we can find hundreds of species and fruits that allow to provide an authentic experience in this aspect, reducing the environmental impact of each visit and opening new gastronomic fusion markets for responsible eco visitors in search of vegan, vegetarian and regional options.

Rates include Transport, breakfast, lunch, hydration, activities, local guide, English speaking guide, travel insurance.

*Promo rates are only available for bookings 30 days in advance.

Flights & Transport Only ground and boat transport

Group Size Small Group – 6 max

**For groups larger than 6 people we split and organize to respect loading capacity in visited places, letting visitors and locals enjoy every visit.

The walks are very quiet, the purpose is that they have the possibility to see and hear most of the animals on your adventure in the lower Amazon rainforest (jungle flooded) The guide service is by locals, guides of the region.

PAY $120.000 COP

TOTAL $1.200.000

All tours start in Leticia City.