Experience another way of traveling around the Amazons in the three borders region where you will have the chance to visit by biking Tabatinga (Brasil) and Santa Rosa (Peru) and many different marvelous places nearby Leticia.

Biking tours nearby Leticia, Amazonas Colombia

Visiting Leticia can turn into an exited experience if you take the risk to go further. Full day tour options can get quite the same in every agency you visit and most of them offer places where you will find masses of tourists, local people acting in certain ways they are supposed to be living in order to fulfill visitors’ expectations.

Biking tour to Yahuarcaca Lakes with Hipilandia

If you want to live a real experience, visiting amazing natural spots, learning about fauna and flora, perfect places to enjoy quietness near Leticia, then you should plan one day to go for a biking tour with a local guided who will share with you an adventure visiting different places depending on the visitors’ interest and likes.

Biking tour to San Pedro Indiginous Settlement with Hipilandia

Biking tours nearby Leticia, Amazonas Colombia with Hipilandia

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