Three Border Tours + Extreme Calderon

Begin the tour with a visit to the three borders (Colombia, Brazil, Peru) and the beautiful Victoria Regia Nature Reserve. We will sail down the Amazon River observing grey and pink dolphins and you will have the opportunity to get to know this region around Leticia full of biodiversity.

On the second day, you will start your adventure to the Calderon River as the spectacular destination of this great trip, providing the most adventurous experience for those who are willing to discover the real Amazon rainforest. Deep jungle treks that uncover not only the most beautiful flora and fauna, but also all the stories and knowledge that local guides have to share with visitors and the most amazing survival skills for jungle explorers.

We would like to point out that the jungle will create new challenges for all of us! Be aware of these challenges and trust our local guides. They care about the personal well-being of each individual and the group. Tour elements can therefore be shifted and adjusted individually during the trip with our guides.

Day 1 : Three borders tour

The start time of the three borders tour may vary depending on the time of your arrival in Leticia. If you arrive by 10.30 a.m., it is possible to start the tour the same day. If you are already in Leticia the tour starts at 8.00 a.m.

  • Navigation on the Amazon River
  • Observing of grey and pink Amazon dolphins
  • Visit to Tabatinga, Brazil
  • Visit to Santa Rosa Island in Peru
  • Typical Peruvian lunch
  • Navigation on the Amazon River in Peruvian territory
  • Visit to the Victoria Regia Nature Reserve
  • Lotus flower observation
  • Ecological hike or canoeing (according to river conditions)
  • Return 5p.m.
  • Overnight at Hotel in Leticia

Day 2 : Start of the hiking to the Calderón River

We will leave Leticia at 8 a.m. by bus to reach the twenty kilometer distant starting point. We start walking towards the jungle; this first walk goes until approximately 4 p.m. In the middle of the jungle we will take our break for lunch. Then we set up the camp where we will spend the first night. We rest once the camp is finished for our night walk. We return from the walk, have dinner and rest.

Day 3 : Into the jungle

We will wake up in the middle of the jungle and start the day with a healthy breakfast to continue our trail to the Calderon River. We have lunch in the middle of the trail.

Approximately at 2 p.m. we arrive at our destination where we will spend the next 2 nights. It is a small house in the middle of the jungle where a hermit grandfather lives. Once here, we will have the opportunity to experience jungle life where we will go fishing, swimming, enjoy the landscapes and fruits of the jungle, spot different species (monkeys, wild boars, snakes, insects and birds). At night we will find some wildlife. We return to the camp, have dinner and rest.

Day 4 : Back to Leticia

We start the day with a healthy breakfast before we start the hike back to Leticia. On the way we will again have the opportunity to observe wild animals in their natural habitat. We have lunch on the way back. Finally we arrive in Leticia at 4 pm. Return to the hotel in Leticia where you will spend the night.


At the request of the visitors it is possible to spend the nights in cabins or camping in the jungle. The menu of meals may vary according to the season and the preferences of the visitors. The guide service is provided by local guides from the region.