the former hunters who released their shotguns to grab a camera

The Amazon region is recognized for fostoring not only the most skilled men to cut down trees and making out of them inimaginable items and tools to survive the wildness in the jungle, but extraordinary talented wildlife hunters who used to feed their own familes with the biodiversity that was part of the eco-system many years ago.

Now they grow more fruit plants for feeding their families and decided to go hunting wildlife just to get some pictures of the magical moment,

They used to track wild species since they were kids, with their father and grand father, most of times for feeding. Some of these former hunters now dedicate their entire lives to promoting a respectfull way of visitng the Amazon rainforest, having in mind the climate seasons and the activities that can be practiced during each season, preserving the wildlife that can still be found in these environments, and planting every day more trees so they can make sure of refforesting the rainforest.

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