The Eco Travel Guide: Amazon Sustainable Jungle Tours.

Visiting Amazonas may be a ‘one in a life time’ experience for travelers who take the risk to go further, with many different expectations; most common: wildlife watching, cultural heritage show/exchange and the greatest breathtaking landspaces discovering. But many times, these expectations turn blurry when other aspects (fears, reviews, budget, interests, etc,…) are taken into account on the visitor’s choise picking the tour provider.

That is why we dedicate this blog to spreading content about how travelers can decide when to visit this vast world of water and the most exotic species that can ever be seen in this magical place called Amazonas. The experience might be very rewarding for those who fulfill their expectations and have the best adventure of their lives, but also it might turn into a pretty frustrating experience if expectations go completely opposite the reality.


How to travel eco friendly Leticia Amazonas Colombia

Calderon River in the Colombian Amazon Rainforest

But, how can you plan your trip to the Amazon conciously and according to your expectations? You can siply follow these rules:

Rule #1 Respect above all. Feel the amazonas envorinment

Eco friendly activities in Leticia Amazonas

Cluster of freshly cut acai from the tree by local man. Colombian Amazon rainforest

Colombia is a country full of contrasts. People, weather, landscapes vary from one region to others. That is why many visitors come to Colombia and get the challenge to have a first glance before falling in love with the complete country. Indiginous people are part of this constrast as well, and Amazonas is home for people from different ethnic groups that migrated years ago from other regions of Colombia for different reasons.

The real Omaguas from the old Amazons extinguished during ‘La epoca del caucho’ and these people came to replace part of the legacy and knowledge Omaguas left after this tragical period.
Ticunas, huitotos, boras, yaguas, macunas, cocamas, and many more came along the great river to give the Amazons a second chance to be the perfect paradise to live in, and they have been through their own evolution process, compained by the State of Colombia and part of the laws. That is why they may look similar to Colombian people and they are used to many things we all use nowadays. Please, we invite you all, respectfully, to internalize this fact and be open to what these people have to share with you. Even if they are not wearing top feathers and loinclothes, we should be respectful to their culture and remember that ‘the important thing is what you know, not what you wear’.

Rule #2 Respect above all

Are you looking for a 5 stars resort with warm water tub, all areas wi-fi covered and rooms perfectly clean from mosquitos and bugs? Then skip the Amazons for now.

We are completely positive you will find thousands of destinations where you can get exactly that and you won’t get a bad experience enduring the wildness and remoteness that can only be found in Leticia and surroundings. There are so many different things to see here, that you won’t need that technology maybe in weeks, if you are looking for a different adventure. That’s what the Amazon offers, adventures, real unforgettable experiences full of knowledge and remarkable moments among wildlife and amazing indigenous people.

Rule #3 Get over Hollywood movies.

Tour Leticia Amazonas Colombia

Hunter snake in Amazonas Colombia

Hollywood has told us anacondas will come across the river and try to eat us alive. Well, then thousands of anacondas would be living behind Puerto Nariño’s dock waiting for party time when visitors get near. Or maybe a huge caiman will come towards our trip group in the middle of the jungle and try to get us apart to have an easier bait. Hollywood’s mistake. Wild species won’t attact in their natural environment unless they feel threathed by any human being. This is the most cherished rule in the jungle. Anyone who proclaims needing a shotgun for being safe in the jungle, is a hunter, and because of them we won’t see any of these species living near anymore.

Rule #4 Be practical. Minimalism is your friend when packaging to Amazonas

Jungle Tour Leticia AMazonas COlombia

Traveling by kayak. One remarkable experience in Amazonas Colombia.

When you are visiting Vegas, you may need a complete makeover ‘arsenal’, the best suit to wear and all the accessories that go perfect with it. But visiting the Amazons requires another kind of luggage, having in mind how long you are staying and the places you are visiting. There are some tips about what to bring to Amazonas. Don’t expect your tour provider to give you all the instructions about what to get in you bag unless you ask them. You may have your own personal bag with all these items we reccommend you take before arriving in the Amazons:

1. Long sleeved shirt and trousers, not heavy.

2. Socks for wearing rain boots when needed.

3. Mosquitos repelent of personal preference.

4. Flashlight with extra batteries.

5. Light weight shoes.

6. Cash. This sounds weird, but due to the remoteness, it can get a little bit difficult to use Visa or any other electronic payment method. In leticia you can find a few ATM and some places accept Visa, but not all work with foreign cards. In Puerto Nariño you won’t find any ATM. So, make sure you have enough cash to cover all your expenses when you get there.

Rule #5 The most important rule: Be Happy

Tour Leticia AMazonas Colombia

Vegan food for eco friendly travelers. As happy as they can be. Check out 10 native fruits from the Amazon you MUST try when visit Leticia,

Smile. Remember your childhood. Amazonas is a place to embrace nature and to be thankful about the great fact we have the chance to enjoy all of it. Fauna, flora and people that will change your life for ever. Put this first on your ‘things to do’ list when you get in Amazonas and then you will understand the title of this blog, which is not a random thing, it is a fact for many of us who decided to take the risk to go further.

Stay tuned and check out our Biking Tours in Leticia and plan your visit in Leticia with best eco friendly adventures to enjoy nature!