About us

Hipilandia is a Project organized by travelers


Hipilandia is a project created by travelers with the aim of providing quality experiences to other travelers interested in visiting nature and culturally rich destinations. With more than 10 years of experience promoting a more sustainable tourism, Hipilandia has created a whole portfolio of tourist services to provide valuable experiences that contribute both to visitors and to the local community, leaving an enriching footprint for all the stakeholders of the tourism chain.

Our Team

CEO, Founder of Hipiladia
Group Inc.

Traveler Host  

Experiences Creator 


Knowledgest of the Amazon Rainforest.

Co Founder of Hipilandia Group Inc.

Sociologist – Anthropologist 

Interpreter and Translator
Speaks English, Portuguese, German, French, Luxembourgish and Spanish

Customer Service Manager

Customer Serivce Manager 

IT Services Provider 

 Tourist Guide, English/Spanish Interpreter and Translator

Tourist Local Guide

Originally from Huitoto Indigenous Community
Former Hunter, Fisherman, Knowledgest of Fauna and Flora in the Amazon Rainforest.

Tourist Local Guide

Expert Boat Driver, Fauna Finder, Birding Expert and Fisherman. A native of the Amazon of the Yauwa ethnic group. My grandfather and my father taught me how to live from day to day, learning to fish, to plant, and to share my culture proudly.