Why Hipilandia is alternative, personalized, specialized tourism.

As travelers we know what people are looking for when visiting a brand new destination. Expectations and interests are the most important aspects we take care, everybody has a different idea of what the Amazons can offer and we provide exactly that, what the traveler is longing to experience in this magical world where options are limited by unlimited biodiversity, fauna, Flora and indigenous culture.

Birds, monkeys, frogs, bugs, mammals, are some of the species we can specially come to discover in the rain forest, different Eco systems where we can watch them in their natural environment and learn from the jungle lifestyle.

Alternative and ecological tourism

Hipilandia Amazonas Jungle Tours is a travel operator that promotes alternative, conscious and ecological tourism in The Amazon. We visit places where we share traditional and authentic experiences with our guests meeting local people, wild species in their natural environment and practicing different activities that will change life perspective of visitors.

Personalized Tourism in Amazonas. Photo by Hipilandia Amazonas Jungle Tours.

Hipilandia Amazonas Jungle Tours offers journeys to travelers who want to experience the jungle learning and discovering certain species that can be only found in the amazonian Eco systems; different activities will be planned such as birds watching, frogs hunting, sport fishing and many more depending on the traveler’s interests.

Swim in the Amazon river and more. Photo by Hipiland

Amazonas Jungle Tours.

conscious and respectful tourism

Hipilandia Amazonas Jungle Tours is committed to change habits of local people who used to be wildlife hunters, and now they are talented tourist guides, carrying a camera instead of a shotgun, creating conscience and a more respectful way of visiting the jungle with the visitors.